Loki Mulholland, et.al. "She Stood for Freedom: The Untold Story of a Civil Rights Hero, Joan Trumpauer Mulholland" (Shadow Mountain, 2016)


"Anyone can make a difference. Find a problem, get some friends together, and go fix it. Remember you don't have to change the world, just change your world." --Joan Trumpauer Mulholland In the early 1960s, in the segregated South, a white teenager, Joan Trumpauer Mulholland, made a conscientious decision to join the Civil Rights struggle. In doing so she put her life at risk, but given her family history (the first relative to come to America did so as an indentured servant in the 1600s; her grandmother was a suffragette) she could not sit idly by as blacks were treated like second-class citizens. She organized non-violent sit-ins, attended a predominately black college, and participated in protests including the March on Washington and the Selma to Montgomery March. She was arrested and held on death row; she was spit on, dragged off her stool and threatened with violence at a Woolworths lunch counter sit-in, yet she never relented. Now readers of all ages can learn more about this extraordinary woman in She Stood for Freedom: The Untold Story of a Civil Rights Hero, Joan Trumpauer Mulholland (Shadow Mountain, 2016). The picture book is for ages 4 to 8; the illustrated biography is for ages 8 and older and includes primary source photographs and documents from the period. She Stood for Freedom has been nominated for the 2017 Amelia Bloomer Award, part of the American Library Association's Task Force on Social Responsibility recognizing the best feminist books for young readers that "affirm positive roles for girls and women."
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