Matteo Faglia, "Pop-Up Show: The Magic Inside Books" (Bologna Children's Book Fair Exhibition, 2017)


Matteo Faglia, discusses the 2017 Bologna Book Fair exhibition, "Pop-up Show: The Magic Inside Books," which traces some of the important milestones in the story of 3-dimensional, or as they have been called since the 1930s, pop-up books. The exhibition showcases the extensive collection of Artist and Collector Massimo Missiroli.

Starting with texts published in the 1800s to books created in the 1970s the exhibition, which Faglia plans to tour - features works by great maestros of printing, such as Ernest Nister and Raphael Tuck and Sons as well as the first book to be called a pop-up, Harold Lenz's Blue Ribbon Press book, Pinocchio. The exhibition, which is featured on, was co-curated by Matteo Faglia and Massimo Missiroli.

Matteo Faglia, is head of Consulenze Editoriali, and has worked for some of Italy's most prominent publishers, including De Agostini. Here, we discuss why pop-ups have been a special part of the children's books industry and what it takes to become a pop-up artist or paper engineer.

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