Marcus Brand

Mar 21, 2022

Resistance and Democratic Resilience in Myanmar and Ukraine

A Discussion with Marcus Brand

New Books Network 2022

A military coup in Myanmar in February 2021 and subsequent humanitarian crisis have largely fallen off the Western media’s news headlines, especially as the Russian invasion of Ukraine has captured attention in recent weeks. What is the current situation of the democratically elected government of Myanmar and the oppression of the Rohingya minority? What are the similarities between the military coup in Myanmar and the Russian invasion of Ukraine in February 2022? How can the world address the crises of these two would-be democracies? Marcus Brand, International IDEA’s Head of Programme for Myanmar and former UN Development Programme Ukraine Director, speaks with Ralph Bunche Institute Director John Torpey about the parallels between the military coup in Myanmar and Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, including unexpected resistance, humanitarian crises and massive refugee flows, and possible optimism about what it means for the future of democracy.

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