Propaganda, Protest, and Repression in Russia: An Insider’s Look


How do Russians feel about the war in Ukraine? What information are they getting about the war? What about the reports of people leaving, especially people in the tech world, but certainly in other fields as well? Are Russians protesting the war? Or has there been too much repression and disinformation for them to want to do that? In this episode, RBI director John Torpey discusses with Institute of Urban and Regional Research’s Anna Zhelnina about the evolution of protests in Russia and how the new legislation has allowed the government to quell them and how the repressive machine has evolved. Moreover, Zhelnina outlines how Russians are responding to the polls in support (or opposition) to the war, and how many Russians are fleeing the country, the way in which artists and common citizenry manage to silently protest the war and finally, the pessimistic view that there is not best replacement for Putin.

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