Charlie Angus

Oct 7, 2022

A History of the Biggest Mining Boom in Canadian History

A Discussion with Charlie Angus

New Books Network 2022

Greg Marchildon interviews Charlie Angus, the author of Cobalt: Cradle of the Demon Metals, Birth of a Mining Superpower (House of Anansi P, 2022). The book explores the silver mining boom in Northern Ontario radiating from the town of Cobalt between 1903 and 1921. Charlie Angus is an author, journalist, broadcaster, musician, and a politician who ran as a candidate for the leadership of the federal NDP in 2017. He was born in Timmins but moved to Toronto as a young adolescent, and then founded a punk rock band while still in high school. He moved to Cobalt with his wife and young family in 1990 where he has lived ever since. This podcast was produced by Jessica Schmidt.

This interview was produced with the support of The Champlain Society. The mission of The Champlain Society is to increase public awareness of, and accessibility to, Canada’s rich store of historical records.

Gregory P. Marchildon is the Ontario Research Chair in Health Policy and System Design with the Institute of Health Policy, Management and Evaluation at the University of Toronto.

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