Daniel Jose Gaztambide, "A People's History of Psychoanalysis: From Freud to Liberation Psychology" (Lexington Books, 2021)


In this episode, host J.J. Mull interviews Daniel José Gaztambide about his book, A People’s History of Psychoanalysis: From Freud to Liberation Psychology (Lexington Books, 2021). The project traces a global intellectual lineage spanning from the first generation of analysts in Europe to Harlem, the Caribbean, and finally, to Latin America. Challenging a broader cultural narrative that conceives of psychoanalysis as somehow fundamentally “white” or euro-centric, Gaztambide presents a radical and politicized version of psychoanalytic thought inherited and expanded by thinkers like Frantz Fanon, Paulo Freire and Ignacio Martín-Baró.

J.J. Mull is a poet, training clinician, and graduate student at Smith College School for Social Work living in Northampton, MA. He can be reached at jmull@smith.edu

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J. J. Mull

J.J. Mull is a poet and clinical social worker. Originally from the west coast, he currently lives in Brooklyn, NY. He can be reached at: jay.c.mull@gmail.com.
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