Samuel Clowes Huneke, "A Queer Theory of the State" (Floating Opera Press, 2023)


Queer theory has often been hesitant to align itself with a politics of the state, approaching it with a negative or pragmatic framework. A Queer Theory of the State (Floating Opera Press, 2023) expands an earlier online essay from The Point by historian Samuel Huneke to offer a more optimistic perspective. Rather than eschew political engagement with democratic theorizing, Huneke asks how queer theory can wed its critically anti-normative impulses to the empirical need for a state. In answering this question, Huneke shows how the state is an integral component of a politics that seeks to subvert and undo the oppression of queer lives.

Lea Greenberg is an editor, translator, and scholar of German and Jewish studies.

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Lea Greenberg

Lea Greenberg is a commissioning editor with Amsterdam University Press and the editorial associate of the Lise Meitner Group at the Bibliotheca Hertziana – Max Planck Institute for Art History in Rome.
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