About the New Books Network

The New Books Network is a consortium of author-interview podcast channels dedicated to public education. Covering 100+ subjects, disciplines, and genres, we publish 70 to 100 episodes every week. The NBN reaches about half a million people every month; NBN listeners download close to 1 million episodes a month. The NBN is staffed by Founder & Editor-in-Chief, Marshall Poe, Editor Caleb Zakarin, and Co-Editor Leann Wilson. Feel free to contact either one of us for more information. (Authors and publicists, find out how to pitch us here.)

While You're Here...
The New Books Network doesn’t exist without the support of listeners and readers like you. There are countless ways to show your support: share and subscribe to our newsletter, join our conversations on social media, support us on Patreon, and share the New Books Network with your students and colleagues. We also offer advertising space on the podcast episodes to help authors and great organizations reach our global audience of highly-educated listeners. If you are interested in learning more about how to advertise on the New Books Network, contact us here. Above all, thank you for listening and learning with us. The mission is simple: public education. Full stop.

The NBN’s Editorial Policy
The NBN does not authorize books or endorse anything said in them. We are strictly viewpoint-neutral, allowing the hosts to select books. Rather, like a bookstore, we make the viewpoints of authors available to the public. When we publish an interview, we are not saying “This is a good book” (though it usually is). Instead, we are saying “Here is a book by a serious author whose viewpoint you may or may not agree with. Listen in, and decide for yourself.”

How We Pick the Books We Cover
On the NBN, the hosts pick the books covered, not the editors. We believe the hosts, who are always subject specialists themselves, best know what the audience of their specific channel needs and wants to learn about. The hosts bring their expertise to the selection process in a way an editor never could. The editors of the NBN are, therefore, more like publishers than editors in the traditional sense. The NBN editors enable the hosts to interview the authors they select and then make those interviews available to the public. In addition, we, also have partnerships with several university presses, whose books we try to feature.

Some Legal Stuff and Licensing
None of the materials produced by the New Books Network may be distributed or reproduced without the explicit permission of Marshall Poe, New Books Network. All the materials produced and distributed by the New Books Network are protected by copyright. If you would like to license NBN interviews for use in your business, please contact Marshall Poe.