Abraham A. Singer

Apr 30, 2019

The Form of the Firm

A Normative Political Theory of the Corporation

Oxford University Press 2018

purchase at bookshop.org In The Form of the Firm: A Normative Political Theory of the Corporation (Oxford University Press, 2018), Abraham Singer essentially marries together two disciplinary schools of thought and approaches to understand and consider the corporate firm. In his work, Singer takes seriously the idea, structure, function, and position of the firm, as distinct from markets, within modern societies. Singer notes that the thrust of the book is “to articulate a normative theory of the corporation that synthesizes economic and political insights” and positions these understandings within the political and economic realities of contemporary capitalism and liberalism. Singer analyzes and explores the historical and theoretical development of firms and corporations, integrating economic and political theory as the dual lenses through which to consider not only the firms themselves but also their position and function within political societies, since “corporations serve economic ends, but through political means.” The Form of the Firm considers how and in what ways firms can and should contribute to and sustain the values, particularly the political values, that define and inform the world in which they exist. This analysis has broad and interdisciplinary appeal, especially for political theorists, economists, political scientists, managerialists, legal and regulatory experts, ethicists, and those in corporate governance.

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