Robert Rozett and Iael Nidam-Orvieto, "After So Much Pain and Anguish: First Letters After Liberation" (Yad Vashem, 2016)


After So Much Pain and Anguish: First Letters After Liberation (Yad Vashem, 2016) comprises letters written by survivors and liberating soliders in the immediate aftermath of the Holocaust, reflecting their extreme mixed emotions. The survivors express their sigh of relief at liberation intertwined with the anguish of irreparable loss, and even utterances of hope for a better tomorrow. The letters articulate the first signs of life after liberation, giving moving accounts of suffering, loss and destruction. They convey cries of grief while displaying an outstretched hand from a devastated world longing to touch loved ones still whole. This collection is a raw and powerful body of firsthand testimony of the catastrophe that struck the Jewish people, forming an important record of the most horrific and ignoble period of the twentieth century.

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