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Alfred Posamentier

Sep 9, 2020

Mathematics Entertainment for the Millions

World Scientific Publishing Co. 2020

The book being discussed is Mathematics Entertainment for the Millions (World Scientific Publishing Co.), by Alfred Posamentier. In reading this book, it occurred to me that it might equally well have been entitled Millions of Mathematical Entertainments.

There may not be millions of entertainments, but there’s an incredible amount – most of it easily accessible to a middle-school or high-school student, and that’s exactly the audience that we want to show how enticing mathematics can be. Anyone who loves mathematics will find a number of old favorites in this book, but almost certainly there’s a lot of cool stuff you’ve never seen before. I’ve been looking at math for more than seven decades, and there’s a lot of cool stuff I’d never seen.

Alfred S Posamentier is currently Distinguished Lecturer at New York City College of Technology of the City University of New York.

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