Amy Evrard

Oct 30, 2014

The Moroccan Women's Rights Movement

Syracuse University Press 2014

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Amy Evrard's first book, The Moroccan Women's Rights Movement (Syracuse University Press, 2014), examines women's attempts to change their patriarchal society via their movement for equality and rights. At the center of Evrard's book is the 2004 reform of the Family Code known as the Mudawwana, in which Moroccan women made important gains in marriage, divorce, and custody rights. Combining historical analysis of legal codes, nuanced surveys of the complicated political arena, and richly developed stories of individual women, Evrard demonstrates how women's integration is stymied by poverty and illiteracy, as well as by nationalist and anti-modernization forces. At the same time, women activists are learning how to navigate among political and civic actors to achieve their goals, and in the process, convincing more and more Moroccan women of their rights.

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