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Andy Boyd

Jan 12, 2021

The Trade Federation or Let's Explore Globalization Through the Star Wars Prequels

NoPassport Press 2020

New Books in Performing Arts own Andy Boyd has written a new play about a young experimental playwright named Andy Boyd who pitches Georges Lucas his screenplay for a new Star Wars film. The concept: a prequel to the prequels that fleshes out the economic and social implications of the mysterious Trade Federation. Andy’s script is a full on Marxist allegory where The Trade Federation is The International Monetary Fund, the Gungans are the Zapatistas, and the Jedi are an international community reluctant to push for any real structural change- the UN, basically. Lucas thinks the movie sounds really boring and unceremoniously kicks Andy out of his office. Then things really get weird.

Andy Boyd joins host Toney Brown, as he discusses his life and relationship to the Star Wars Franchise, Marxism, Socialism, Globalization, US Imperialism and the future of leftism in American Theater.

Andy Boyd is a playwright based in Brooklyn, New York. He is a graduate of the playwriting MFA at Columbia University, Harvard University, and the Arizona School for the Arts. You can buy his brand new play The Trade Federation, Or, Let’s Explore Globalization Through the Star Wars Prequels through NoPassport Press for only $8. “Worth every penny!”- Toney Brown,

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