Anindita Banerjee

Mar 7, 2019

Science Fiction Circuits of the South and East

Peter Lang 2018

purchase at How do we project imagined worlds? After all, why do we find ourselves mesmerized by imagined worlds? A collection edited by Anindita Banerjee, Science Fiction Circuits of the South and East (Peter Lang Ltd, 2018), delves into the intricate developments of science fiction while asking the reader to speculate about the nature of internalized worlds. This collection further blurs the of boundaries not only in terms of genre interactions, but also in terms of ontological and epistemological frameworks spanning a wide terrain of geographical, aesthetic, ideological, and political matters. Science Fiction Circuits of the South and East conceptualizes science fiction in both local and global contexts and invites us to think about science fiction as an artistic phenomenon that translates diverse modifications that emerge as a result of multiple interactions and events, understood in the broadest sense. As a mode of ontological negotiation, science fiction advances the understanding of literature in terms of effect and affect, which provides space for further theorizing literary developments in the globalized context.

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