Anthony Valerio et al., "Charles Street Trio: A Novel in Three Voices" (2022)


Charles Street Trio: A Novel in Three Voices (2022) is a series of books that collectively form a tapestry of life in the form of a sprawling epic of a novel. 

Here in Book 1: The Early Years attend a birthday party, spend a day at the hairdresser’s, have your heart broken, experience teen awareness of class difference, loss of a beloved parent, a harrowing accident with your mom, take a bike ride around the corner. All intermingled with a visual feast of original collages and photographs.

“We met in that small sanctuary of a place on Charles Street decades ago. One of us said she saw a ghost dance across the kitchen. Even our ghosts are lively. About their own business. Another of us said recently that convening again after forty years of life, love and work, we must be angels. Have a seat. Plenty of chairs all around.”
--The Authors (2022)

Meet the Artists:
Pamela Manché Pearce, prose writer, poet and visual artist. About Pearce’s Widowland, critics have said: “Widowland provides, as a collection, an assortment of beautiful and raw moments that tackle an active life without the poet’s other. Without his living presence. The themes of loss and grief, of course are hardly new…there is a canon, and Pearce arrives in it with her own exquisite verse.”

Anthony Valerio, prose writer. Anthony Valerio’s fiction bears likeness to our best dreams, when the fantastical elements of the subconscious play themselves out in a vivid replica of reality.--—The Baltimore Sun.
“He’s just crazy enough. He knows his characters, he knows his craft. He gets in, tells his story and gets out. It’s what good writing should be.—Shel Silverstein

Kate Farrell, prose and screen writer. Farrell oversees several hit television series. She is a four-time Emmy Award winning sports producer and has produced an award-winning documentary for HBO.

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