The Anthropology Department

Oct 29, 2021

Being Your Bestest Anthropologist

A Guide to Unlocking Your Neat Self

Collegeville Press 2021

A note from the editor: This book is satire, as is the interview. If you do not appreciate satire, you would be well served not to read the book or listen to the interview.

On an hourly basis, numerous anthropologists find themselves stuck in mediocrity—leading a lifestyle that lacks both purpose and recognition. Being Your Bestest Anthropologist: A Guide to Unlocking Your Neat Self (Collegeville Press, 2021) empowers anthropologists by delivering critical information from the birthplace of anthropology itself: Collegeville, Indiana. By making several key suggestions for changing personal habits, methods of research, and pedagogical techniques, this book will literally elevate the reader to new levels of anthropological ecstasy that have only been dreamed of. This guide is written by the Chair of The Anthropology Department—the most awarded and prestigious department in the greater rural Northwest Indiana subregion. Being your bestest anthropologist will require hard work, discipline, and the ability to let go of bad habits that place you among less-illustrious departments.

Some major topics of this book include:

  • Finding the apparel to match your subdiscipline
  • Adopting the anthropological diet
  • Scoring competitive in-house grants
  • Winning at conferences
  • Publishing in prestigious local journals
  • Running the greatest field school

Simply put, Being Your Bestest Anthropologist: Unlocking Your Neat Self will change your life as you know it, blurring the lines between academia and your personal existence.

The Chair of the Anthropology Department is the author of numerous self-acclaimed works including Being Your Bestest Anthropologist: A Guide To Unlocking Your Neat Self. The Chair has published over 78 devastating book reviews in prestigious local journals and participated in over 124 regional conferences as both a presenter and attendee. During spare time the Chair enjoys feeding chipmunks at the Indiana Dunes.

Piers Kelly is a linguistic anthropologist at the University of New England, Australia

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Piers Kelly is a linguistic anthropologist at the University of New England, Australia

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