Zen Faulkes

May 16, 2022

Better Posters

Plan, Design and Present an Academic Poster

Pelagic Publishing 2021

Listen to this interview of Zen Faulkes, instructor at the School of Interdisciplinary Science, McMaster University, Canada. We talk about his book Better Posters: Plan, Design and Present an Academic Poster (Pelagic Publishing, 2021) and efficiency.

Zen Faulkes : "Any time that you're very early on in a project, you'll have tendency (as I call it) to democratize data. You want to have all the data be important. You think everything's important when you're just at the start of a project. But when you've been at the project longer, when you've had the time to sit with the data and with your questions and the ideas — then you start realizing, 'Of all the stuff I've done, this part right here, this is the thing that is really the key result. This is going to be the thing that other people are going to be the most interested in.' And so I think that this is a skill: being able to figure out, What are the most critical things in terms of what I think the project is about, and what are most likely going to be the things that are critical for other people — what's going to be most valuable for other members of my research community."

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