Bhikkhu Anālayo, "Rebirth in Early Buddhism and Current Research" (Wisdom Publications, 2018)


In today’s podcast, I speak with German professor and Buddhist monk Bhikkhu Anālayo at the Barre Center for Buddhist Studies about his book Rebirth in Early Buddhism and Current Research (Wisdom Publications, 2018). Bhikkhu Anālayo skillfully analyzes the early Buddhist doctrine of rebirth before discussing the debate around rebirth throughout Buddhist history. In the last half of his book, he presents current research on rebirth as well as a number of thought-provoking case studies. With Bhikkhu Analayo’s trademark combination of rigorous scholarship and lucid writing style, this book will be of great interest to both scholars and Buddhist practitioners alike.
Alex Carroll studies Buddhist Studies at the University of South Wales and is primarily interested in Theravāda and early Buddhism. He lives in Oslo, Norway and can be reached via his website here.

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