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Jennifer L. Derr, “The Lived Nile: Environment, Disease, and Material Colonial Economy in Egypt” (Stanford UP, 2019)
In October 1902, the reservoir of the first Aswan Dam filled, and Egypt’s relationship with the Nile River forever changed. Flooding villages of historical northern Nubia and filling the irrigation canals that flowed from the river, the perennial Nile not only reshaped agriculture and the environment, but also Egypt’s colonial... Read More
Jennifer Jensen Wallach, “What We Need Ourselves: How Food Has Shaped African American Life” (Rowman and Littlefield, 2019)
In this this interview, Dr. Carrie Tippen talks with Jennifer Jensen Wallach about the her book Getting What We Need Ourselves: How Food Has Shaped African American Life (Rowman & Littlefield, 2019). The book covers a wide chronology and geography from the continent of Africa pre-Transatlantic slave trade to lunch... Read More
Shayne Legassie, “The Medieval Invention of Travel” (U Chicago Press, 2017)
Shayne Legassie talks about medieval travel, especially long distance travel, and the way it was feared, praised, and sometimes treated with suspicion. He also talks about the role the Middle Ages played in creating modern conceptions of travel and travel writing. Legassie is an associate professor of English and Comparative... Read More
Kevin Dawson, “Undercurrents of Power: Aquatic Culture in the African Diaspora” (U Pennsylvania Press, 2018)
Long before the rise of New World slavery, West Africans were adept swimmers, divers, canoe makers, and canoeists. They lived along riverbanks, near lakes, or close to the ocean. In those waterways, they became proficient in diverse maritime skills, while incorporating water and aquatics into spiritual understandings of the world.... Read More
Lindsey Green-Simms, “Postcolonial Automobility: Car Culture in West Africa” (U Minnesota Press, 2019)
Cars promise freedom, autonomy, and above all, movement but leave whole cities stuck in traffic, breathing polluted air, exposed of deadly crashes, and dependent on vast the vast infrastructures of road networks, and oil production. Postcolonial Automobility: Car Culture in West Africa (University of Minnesota Press, 2019) examines the paradoxes... Read More
Tsega Etefa, “The Origins of Ethnic Conflict in Africa: Politics and Violence in Darfur, Oromia, and the Tana Delta” (Palgrave MacMillan, 2019) 
Are ethnic conflicts in Africa the product of age-old ancient hatreds? Tsega Etefa’s new book, The Origins of Ethnic Conflict in Africa: Politics and Violence in Darfur, Oromia, and the Tana Delta (Palgrave MacMillan, 2019), provides an answer, arguing that elites mobilize their co-ethnics for political gain. To do so,... Read More
David Stenner, “Globalizing Morocco: Transnational Activism and the Postcolonial State” (Stanford UP, 2019)
The story of Morocco’s independence struggle against France and Spain is a complicated one. Because it occurred around the same time of the long-running war for independence in Algeria, it has received greater scholarly attention. Moreover, Morocco’s continuing alignment with both the United States and France after 1956 has deemphasized... Read More