Middle Eastern Studies October 27, 2020

Crafting Masculine Selves

Culture, War, and Psychodynamics in Afghanistan

Andrea Chiovenda

Hosted by Jeffrey Bristol
Against the backdrop of four decades of continuous conflict in Afghanistan, the Pashtun male protagonists of this book carry out their daily effort to internally negotiate, adjust (if at all) …

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Southeast Asian Studies October 23, 2020

A Dog Pissing at the Edge of a Path

Animal Metaphors in an Eastern Indonesian Society

Gregory Forth

Hosted by Akash Ondaatje
Gregory Forth, Professor Emeritus of Anthropology at the University of Alberta and Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada, has studied the Nage people of the eastern Indonesian island of …
East Asian Studies October 23, 2020

Elusive Belonging

Marriage Immigrants and 'Multiculturalism' in Rural South Korea

Minjeong Kim

Hosted by Ann Choi
Studies on marriage migration often portray marriage migrants as victims of globalization and patriarchy. Although there are intersecting oppressions among female migrant workers, the tendency to conflate marriage migration with …
American Studies October 23, 2020

Love in the Drug War

Selling Sex and Finding Jesus on the Mexico-US Border

Sara Luna

Hosted by Alize Arican
Sex, drugs, religion, and love are potent combinations in la zona, a regulated prostitution zone in the city of Reynosa, across the border from Hidalgo, Texas. During the years 200 …
Southeast Asian Studies October 22, 2020

Miracles and Material Life

Rice, Ore, Traps and Guns in Islamic Malaya

Teren Sevea

Hosted by Kelvin Ng
In Miracles and Material Life: Rice, Ore, Traps and Guns in Islamic Malaya (Cambridge University Press), Teren Sevea reveals the economic, environmental and religious significance of Islamic miracle workers (pawangs) …
Chinese Studies October 22, 2020

Anxious China

Inner Revolution and Politics of Psychotherapy

Li Zhang

Hosted by suvi rautio
The breathless pace of China’s economic reform has brought about deep ruptures in socioeconomic structures and people’s inner landscape. Faced with increasing market-driven competition and profound social changes, more and …
Eastern European Studies October 20, 2020

The Things of Life

Materiality in Late Soviet Russia

Alexey Golubev

Hosted by Steven Seegel
The Things of Life: Materiality in Late Soviet Russia (Cornell UP, 2020) is a social and cultural history of material objects and spaces during the late socialist era. It traces …
Latin American Studies October 19, 2020

Vital Decomposition

Soil Practitioners and Life Politics

Kristina M. Lyons

Hosted by Alejandro De Leon
In Colombia, decades of social and armed conflict and the US-led war on drugs have created a seemingly untenable situation for scientists and rural communities as they attempt to care …
American Studies October 16, 2020

Here, There, and Elsewhere

The Making of Immigrant Identities in a Globalized World

Tahseen Shams

Hosted by Shobhana Xavier
Here, There, and Elsewhere: The Making of Immigrant Identities in a Globalized World (Stanford University Press, 2020) by Tahseen Shams (Assistant Professor of Sociology at the University of Toronto) reconceptualizes …
Anthropology October 15, 2020

Interpretive Social Science

An Anti-Naturalist Approach

Mark Bevir and Jason Blakely

Hosted by Nick Cheesman
In Interpretive Social Science: An Anti-Naturalist Approach (Oxford University Press, 2018), Mark Bevir and Jason Blakely make a case for why interpretivism is the most philosophically cogent approach currently on …
Performing Arts October 15, 2020

Moving Bodies, Navigating Conflict

Practicing Bharatanatyam in Colombo, Sri Lanka

Ahalya Satkunaratnam

Hosted by Preethi Ramaprasad
“How can dance be sustained by its practitioners in the unstable political and geographical landscape of war?” Satkunaratnam asks this through her text, Moving Bodies, Navigating Conflict: Practicing Bharatanatyam in …
Art October 14, 2020

Still Life

Ecologies of the Modern Imagination at the Art Museum

Fernando Domínguez Rubio

Hosted by Alize Arıcan and Nushelle de Silva
How do you keep the cracks in Starry Night from spreading? How do you prevent artworks made of hugs or candies from disappearing? How do you render a fading photograph …
Anthropology October 14, 2020

Kinship, Law and Politics

An Anatomy of Belonging

Joseph E. David

Hosted by Renee Garfinkel
Why are we so concerned with belonging? In what ways does our belonging constitute our identity? Is belonging a universal concept or a culturally dependent value? How does belonging situate …
South Asian Studies October 12, 2020

Demanding Development

The Politics of Public Good Provision in India’s Urban Slums

Adam Auerbach

Hosted by Selva Swetha
India’s urban slums exhibit dramatic variation in their access to basic public goods and services—paved roads, piped water, trash removal, sewers, and streetlights. Why are some vulnerable communities able to …
East Asian Studies October 7, 2020

Cosmopolitan Rurality, Depopulation, and Entrepreneurial Ecosystems in 21st-Century Japan

John W. Traphagan

Hosted by Nathan Hopson
John W. Traphagan’s Cosmopolitan Rurality, Depopulation, and Entrepreneurial Ecosystems in 21st-Century Japan (Cambria Press, 2020) presents a series of deeply contextualized ethnographies of small-business entrepreneurs and the entrepreneurial ecosystem of …
Anthropology October 7, 2020


Intimidation and Its Discontents

David Barash

Hosted by Dan Hill
What are the similar ways in which animals and people try to intimidate others? In his new book, Threats: Intimidation and Its Discontents (Oxford UP, 2020), David Barash explains. Barash …
Eastern European Studies October 6, 2020


Drugs, HIV, and Citizenship in Ukraine

Jennifer J. Carroll

Hosted by Steven Seegel
Against the backdrop of a post-Soviet state set aflame by geopolitical conflict and violent revolution, Narkomania: Drugs, HIV, and Citizenship in Ukraine (Cornell UP, 2019) considers whether substance use disorders …
Israel Studies October 5, 2020

Women’s Political Activism in Palestine

Peacebuilding, Resistance, and Survival

Sophie Richter-Devroe

Hosted by Josephine Chaet
Dr. Sophie Richter-Devroe’s book, Women’s Political Activism in Palestine: Peacebuilding, Resistance, and Survival (University of Illinois Press, 2018) offers an analysis of the forms assumed by women’s political resistance in …
American Studies October 2, 2020

Basket Diplomacy

Leadership, Alliance-Building, and Resilience among the Coushatta Tribe of Louisiana, 1884-1984

Denise E. Bates

Hosted by David Dry
Before the Coushatta Tribe of Louisiana became one of the state’s top private employers—with its vast landholdings and economic enterprises—they lived well below the poverty line and lacked any clear …