Literature October 20, 2020

Leave It Raw

Shakira Croce

Hosted by Athena Dixon
Like a storm waiting to break over a plain, Shakira Croce pulls at tensions and heartstrings in a debut collection filled with longing, wit, and intelligence. Through masterful imagery, Croce …

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Literature October 5, 2020

Freedom Knows My Name

Kelly Harris-DeBerry

Hosted by Athena Dixon
In Freedom Knows My Name (Xavier Review Press, 2020), Kelly Harris-DeBerry creates the world anew from scraps of memories and rhythm. She bounces between the pages, as well as the …
Poetry September 14, 2020

The First Free Women

Poems of the Early Buddhist Nuns

Matty Weingast

Hosted by Yakir Englander
A radical and vivid rendering of poetry from the first Buddhist nuns that brings a new immediacy to their voices. The Therigatha ("Verses of the Elder Nuns") is the oldest …
Literature September 4, 2020

Two Worlds Exist

Yehoshua November

Hosted by Yakir Englander
Yehoshua November's second poetry collection, Two Worlds Exist (Orison Books), movingly examines the harmonies and dissonances involved in practicing an ancient religious tradition in contemporary America. November's beautiful and profound …
Literature August 11, 2020



Nate Marshall

Hosted by Rebekah Buchanan
In Finna: Poems (One World), his new collection of poetry, Nate Marshall examines the way that pop culture influences Black vernacular, the role of storytelling, family, and place. Marshall defines …
Poetry August 5, 2020

Bomb Children

Life in the Former Battlefields of Laos

Leah Zani

Hosted by Lachlan Summers
In this episode, I talk with Dr. Leah Zani, a public anthropologist and poet based in California, about her truly wonderful book Bomb Children: Life in the Former Battlefields of …
Literature July 24, 2020

The Spinning Place

Chelsea Wagenaar

Hosted by Andrea Blythe
In The Spinning Place (Southern Indiana Review Press, 2019), Chelsea Wagenaar explores the power of language—in terms of its possibilities and what it fails to express. As a being with …
Literary Studies July 2, 2020

The Age of Phillis

Honorée Fanonne Jeffers

Hosted by Jennifer J. Davis
Jennifer J. Davis speaks with Honorée Fanonne Jeffers, Professor of English at the University of Oklahoma, about The Age of Phillis (Wesleyan UP, 2020), Jeffers’s latest collection of poems centered …
Literature June 29, 2020

Devil's Lake

Sarah M. Sala

Hosted by Athena Dixon
Devil's Lake (Tolsun Books, 2020), the debut collection by Sarah Sala, is an amalgam of American life. The poems move deftly within a world that is equal parts dangerous, celebratory …
Literature May 28, 2020

Black Was Not a Label

Kathryn H. Ross

Hosted by Athena Dixon
Kathryn H. Ross has found a balance. Between past and present. Between self and ancestors. Between self-discovery and continuous growth. In her hybrid collection, Black Was Not a Label, Ross …
Folklore May 25, 2020

The Poetry of Everyday Life

Storytelling and the Art of Awareness

Steve Zeitlin

Hosted by Rachel Hopkin
This is a book of encounters. Part memoir, part essay, and partly a guide to maximizing your capacity for fulfillment and expression, The Poetry of Everyday Life: Storytelling and the …
Literary Studies April 27, 2020

Endless Song


Archana Venkatesan

Hosted by Raj Balkaran
Endless Song (Oxford University Press, 2019) is Dr. Archana Venkatesan’s exquisite translation of the Tiruvaymoli (sacred utterance), a brilliant 1102-verse ninth century tamil poem celebrating the poet Nammalvar’s mystical quest …
Literature April 23, 2020

The Lampblack Blue of Memory

My Mother Echoes

Sarah Adleman

Hosted by Athena Dixon
The Houston Chronicle’s review of Sarah Adleman’s The Lampblack Blue of Memory: My Mother Echoes (Tolsun 2019) praises that the book “dissects the feelings that have been a part of …
Literary Studies April 21, 2020

Maureen McLane on Wordsworth's Poetry

Maureen McLane

Hosted by Uli Baer
The British romantic poet William Wordsworth is best known for his moving evocations of nature, his celebration of childhood, and his quest to find a shared humanity in his poetry …
Literature April 14, 2020

Mary Shelley Makes a Monster

Octavia Cade

Hosted by Andrea Blythe
In Octavia Cade's brilliant collection of poetry Mary Shelley Makes a Monster (Aqueduct Press, 2019), the famous author of Frankenstein crafts a creature out of ink, mirrors, and the remnants …
Literary Studies March 31, 2020

Amir Eshel on Paul Celan's Poetry

Amir Eshel

Hosted by Uli Baer
Paul Celan's poetry marks the end of European modernism: he is the last poet of the era where the poetic "I" could center a subjective vision of the world through …
Literary Studies March 13, 2020


Poems of a Sufi Martyr

Carl W. Ernst

Hosted by Kristian Petersen
“I am the Real,” is the ecstatic statement often associated with the early Sufi poet Mansur al-Hallaj. In popular narratives about Hallaj this declaration of absolute unity with God is …
Literature March 2, 2020

If Men, Then

Eliza Griswold

Hosted by Athena Dixon
Eliza Griswold writes in Snow in Rome, "we hate being human,/depleted by absence." In her latest poetry collection, If Men, Then (Farrar, Straus and Giroux, 2020), Griswold grapples with a …
Literature February 25, 2020

Soft Science

Franny Choi

Hosted by Andrea Blythe
Franny Choi’s book-length collection of poetry, Soft Science (Alice James Books 2019), explores queer, Asian American femininity through the lens of robots, cyborgs, and artificial intelligence. As she notes in …
Literary Studies February 4, 2020

Great Books

Glenn Wallis on Gibran's 'The Prophet'

Glenn Wallis

Hosted by Uli Baer
Kahlil Gibran’s 1923 The Prophet is book that’s changed people’s lives. It is a deceptively simple book, but it contains a radical insight. “Of what can I speak save of …