Kate Ervine, “Carbon” (Polity, 2018)
The crisis of global warming overwhelms the imagination with its urgency, yet more than ever we need patient, clear-sighted. and careful assessments of the possibilities for transforming the global political economy.  Carbon (Polity, 2018) is an excellent addition to our evolving efforts to understand clearly where we are and where we... Read More
Natalie Koch, “Critical Geographies of Sport: Space, Power, and Sport in Global Perspective” (Routledge, 2017)
Today we are joined by Natalie Koch, Associate Professor of Geography at the Maxwell School of Citizenship and Public Affairs at Syracuse University, and editor of Critical Geographies of Sport: Space, Power, and Sport in Global Perspective (Routledge, 2017).  In our conversation, we discuss the growing field of critical sports... Read More
Nico Slate, “Lord Cornwallis is Dead: The Struggle for Democracy in the United States and India” (Harvard UP, 2019)
In the twenty-first century, India and the United States are two closely connected states. Some of this is economic, and with it comes a concern that jobs in the United States are being outsourced to India. The two countries also face concerns over terrorism, engage in cultural dialogue with each... Read More
Sayaka Chatani, “Nation-Empire: Ideology and Rural Youth Mobilization in Japan and Its Colonies” (Cornell UP, 2018)
Sayaka Chatani’s Nation-Empire: Ideology and Rural Youth Mobilization in Japan and Its Colonies (Cornell University Press, 2018) tackles the fraught question of how and why young men in marginalized and rural areas of Japan and its colonies became emotionally invested in the project of Japanese nationalism and militarism. Why did... Read More
Christine Loh, “Underground Front: The Chinese Communist Party in Hong Kong” (Hong Kong UP, 2018)
There can be little doubt that Hong Kong has stood out as a particularly intense East Asian news hotspot in recent years. Whether reports have focused on pro-democracy protests, abducted booksellers or PRC Mainland integration plans, most of this news has revolved around a common theme – namely questions over... Read More