New Books Network

Anthony L. Gardner, “Stars with Stripes: The Essential Partnership between the European Union and the United States” (Palgrave Macmillan, 2020)
If the US is – in the words of former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright – the “indispensible nation” then the economic, democratic and institutional alliance between the US and the EU is the “essential partnership”. So argues Tony Gardner, Barack Obama’s ambassador to the EU and advisor to Joe... Read More
Nadia Nurhussein, “Black Land: Imperial Ethiopianism and African America” (Princeton UP, 2019)
In Black Land: Imperial Ethiopianism and African America (Princeton University Press, 2019), Nadia Nurhussein explores late nineteenth and twentieth century African American cultural engagement with and literary depictions of imperial Ethiopia. Widely celebrated as one of two African nations to resist European colonization in the age of modern imperialism, Ethiopia... Read More
Philip Cunliffe, “The New Twenty Years’ Crisis: A Critique of International Relations, 1999-2019” (McGill-Queen’s UP, 2020)
At the end of the 20th century, the liberal international order appeared unassailable after its triumph over the authoritarian challenges of Nazi Germany and Soviet Russia. Twenty years later, however, the assumptions underlying the system appear discredited as international relations devolve into confrontation and conflict. In The New Twenty Years’ Crisis:... Read More
M. Pettis and M. C. Klein, “Trade Wars Are Class Wars: How Rising Inequality Distorts the Global Economy and Threatens International Peace” (Yale UP, 2020)
Trade imbalances have long been a sticking point in international economics, most recently between the United States and China. The conversation about persistent trade imbalances tends to take on a moral dimension, whether praising German thrift, criticising American profligacy, or accusing China of nefarious behaviour. In Trade Wars Are Class... Read More
Chinua Thelwell, “Exporting Jim Crow: Blackface Minstrelsy in South Africa and Beyond” (U Massachusetts Press, 2020)
Exporting Jim Crow: Blackface Minstrelsy in South Africa and Beyond (University of Massachusetts Press, 2020) by Dr. Chinua Thelwell is a rich, well-researched, and sobering investigation of blackface minstrelsy as the “visual bedrock of a transcolonial cultural imaginary.” In tracing minstrel globalization across the Anglo-colonial and British imperial worlds beginning... Read More
Barbara Keys, “The Ideal of Global Sport: From Peace to Human Rights” (U Pennsylvania Press, 2019)
Today we are joined by Barbara Keys, Professor of US and International History at Durham University, and author and editor of The Ideal of Global Sport: From Peace to Human Rights (University of Pennsylvania Press, 2019). In our conversation, we discussed the origins of Olympism’s moral claims, the nexus between... Read More
Alan Chong, “Critical Reflections on China’s Belt and Road Initiative” (Palgrave MacMillan, 2020)
Political scientists Alan Chong and Quang Min Pham bring with their edited volume, Critical Reflections on China’s Belt and Road Initiative (Palgrave MacMillan, 2020), originality as well as dimensions and perspectives to the discussion about the Belt and Road that are highly relevant but often either unrecognized or underemphasized. The book... Read More
Joan Scott, “On the Judgment of History” (Columbia UP, 2020)
Joan Scott’s groundbreaking work in gender and French history is essential reading for any aspiring historian. Indeed, she last joined us on New Books in French Studies to talk about her 2017 book Sex and Secularism. But her latest work, On the Judgment of History (Columbia UP, 2020), is a... Read More
Mira L. Siegelberg, “Statelessness: A Modern History” (Harvard UP, 2020)
In her book, Statelessness: A Modern History (Harvard University Press, 2020), Mira L. Siegelberg traces the history of the concept of statelessness in the years following the First and Second World Wars. At its core, this thoughtful monograph is an intellectual history of an idea that jurists in the United... Read More
Christopher Capozzola, “Bound By War: How the United States and the Philippines Built America’s First Pacific Century” (Basic Books, 2020)
Ever since American troops occupied the Philippines in 1898, generations of Filipinos have served in and alongside the U.S. armed forces. In Bound By War: How the United States and the Philippines Built America’s First Pacific Century (Basic Books, 2020), historian Christopher Capozzola reveals this forgotten history, showing how war... Read More