Gregory Dawes, “Galileo and the Conflict between Religion and Science” (Routledge, 2016)
Open conflict between religion and science may not be inevitable, but a germ of discord resides in some of the fundamental commitments of both; in this sense, war is always, potentially, just around the corner. In Galileo and the Conflict between Religion and Science (Routledge, 2016), Gregory Dawes uses the... Read More
Claire Pamment, “Comic Performance in Pakistan: The Bhānd” (Palgrave Macmillan, 2017)
Claire Pamment’s book Comic Performance in Pakistan: The Bhānd (Palgrave Macmillan, 2017) is a fantastic new book centered on the Punjabi folk art of the Bhānd, or comic performance. Pamment explores the history and present of the Bhānd and Bhānd artists through a thoroughly interdisciplinary lens that engages performance studies, ethnography,... Read More
Jessica Hardin, “Faith and the Pursuit of Health: Cardiometabolic Disorders in Samoa” (Rutgers UP, 2018)
Jessica Hardin‘s new book Faith and the Pursuit of Health: Cardiometabolic Disorders in Samoa (Rutgers University Press, 2018) explores how Pentecostal Christians manage chronic illness in ways that sheds light on health disparities and social suffering in Samoa, a place where rates of obesity and related cardiometabolic disorders have reached population-wide levels.... Read More
Ian Johnson, “The Souls of China: The Return of Religion After Mao” (Pantheon, 2017)
Ian Johnson’s new book, The Souls of China: The Return of Religion After Mao (Pantheon, 2017),  was called “a masterpiece of observation and empathy” by The New York Review of Books, and The Economist, who included the book on its Best of 2017 list, said the book, “Shows how a... Read More
Whitney G. Gamble, “Christ and the Law: Antinomianism at the Westminster Assembly” (Reformation Heritage Books, 2018)
The Westminster Assembly (1643-53) was one of the most important ecclesiastical councils in the history of Reformed Protestantism, but until very recently it had received little in the way of scholarly attention. With the rediscovery of the minutes of the assembly, and their publication in 5 volumes by Oxford University... Read More