Chris O'Leary

Jun 20, 2015

Rebel Rebel

Zero Books 2015

purchase at Who is David Bowie? Fans and critics have debated this question throughout his lengthy and storied career. Chris O'Leary, in his new book Rebel Rebel (Zero Books, 2015) meticulously examines Bowie's earliest recordings and provides crucial insight into how Bowie wrote and recorded these songs. O'Leary considers Bowie's influences and how his desire for commercial success caused him to experiment with a wide range of styles. These early years provide crucial clues of understanding who Bowie is. The podcast explores these questions and more. O'Leary also recommends a number of "lost" Bowie songs that are worth a listen. Chris O'Leary is a writer and editor. He also writes a blog dedicated to David Bowie.

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