Christopher J. H. Wright

Jul 5, 2019

The Old Testament in Seven Sentences

A Small Introduction to a Vast Topic

IVP Academic 2019

purchase at Some people find the Old Testament to be confusing, out of date, and essentially replaced by the New Testament. They are missing out. The Old Testament offers us a grand narrative that reveals God's work, God's purposes, and God's wisdom. In his new book The Old Testament in Seven Sentences: A Small Introduction to a Vast Topic (IVP Academic, 2019), Christopher J. H. Wright fits the pieces together and shows us the coherent whole. Using seven key sentences drawn straight from the Old Testament, he connects the dots and points us toward Jesus.
  • "In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth."
  • "All peoples on earth will be blessed through you."
  • "You shall have no other gods before me."
  • "How beautiful on the mountains are the feet of him who brings good news."
Such sentences as these are not merely beautiful or helpful (though they are that). They are part of the great drama of Scripture, the story of God's plan of redemption that embraces all nations and the whole of his creation. Wright starts from the beginning, describing God's promises and covenants with his people and his mission to bless the world.

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