David Wanczyk, "Beep: Inside the Unseen World of Baseball for the Blind" (Swallow Press, 2018)


We all know baseball as one of America’s fondest pastimes, but did you know there’s a version of the sport designed specifically for the blind? It’s called Beep Ball, and the players, with the exception of the pitcher, are all visually impaired. Founded by the National Beep Ball Association in 1976, there are now more than 200 teams in the United States alone with interest in the sport growing quickly among players abroad. For his debut book of creative nonfiction, Beep: Inside the Unseen World of Baseball for the Blind (Swallow Press, 2018), author David Wanczyk spent over three years interviewing dozens of Beep baseball players, coaches, volunteers, and fans in order to create a living profile of the sport and many of its star athletes. A diehard baseball fan himself, Wanczyk takes the reader deep into the culture of Beep Ball, traveling across the United States, Taiwan, and the Dominican Republic, to follow teams like the Austin Blackhawks, the Athens Timberwolves, the Indy Thunder, the Boston Renegades and Taiwan Homerun for a chance to hear their stories and share their passion for the sport with the world in one of the first-ever books written on contemporary Beep baseball. Here to discuss Beep on the New Books Network today, please welcome David Wanczyk.

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