Don Baker, "Catholics and Anti-Catholicism in Choson Korea" (U Hawaii Press, 2017)


Shortly after the introduction of Catholicism into Korea in the late 18th century, Korea's Confucian government began to persecute Catholics. Why would a Confucian government torture and kill the people it was supposed to protect and nurture? Why would Koreans turn to a religion that differed fundamentally from the established norms of their country, particularly when following that religion could lead to their deaths? Dr. Don Baker, in his book Catholics and Anti-Catholicism in Chosŏn Korea (University of Hawaiʼi Press, 2017, with Franklin Rausch) answers these questions, both through his own words and through translations of works by a leading Catholic who died a martyr and a Confucian scholar who criticized Catholicism. In this meticulously researched, annotated, and refreshingly clear work, Baker reveals the perspectives of both sides in an easy to understand fashion, making this book suitable both for scholars and for a text in undergraduate or graduate classes.

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