Douglas Clark

Apr 11, 2016

Gunboat Justice

British and American Law Courts in China and Japan (1842-1943)

Earnshaw Books Limited 2016

purchase at Douglas Clark's new Gunboat Justice: British and American Law Courts in China and Japan (1842-1943) (Earnshaw Books Limited, 2016) is a three-volume study of extraterritoriality and its transnational histories as it shaped modern China and Japan. Clark is both historian and master storyteller in this work, crafting a study moves readers chronologically through a story of extraterritoriality from the middle of the nineteenth century through the middle of the twentieth, while introducing some amazing figures and characters along the way. (Keep a lookout, readers, for the "man's man" who meets a ghost and asks it if it's drunk.) Clark pays special attention to analyzing the very different results of the impact of extraterritoriality in Japan and China. Enjoy!
Carla Nappi is Associate Professor of History at the University of British Columbia. Her research and writing concern the histories of science, medicine, materiality, and their translations in early modern China. You can find out more about her work by visiting She can be reach at

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