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Teya Brooks Pribac

Apr 6, 2021

Enter the Animal

Cross-Species Perspectives on Grief and Spirituality

Sydney University Press 2021

For centuries, science has largely dismissed the idea that animals experience complex emotions, despite the fact the most humans who’ve spent time in the company of animals would argue otherwise. While research on animal subjectivity is expanding, we still know relatively little about the complexities of non-humans’ emotional lives.

Teya Brooks Pribac’s new book, Enter the Animal: Cross-Species Perspectives on Grief and Spirituality, published this year by Sydney University Press, examines the scientific and cultural discourse surrounding animal grief and spirituality. Her interdisciplinary approach combines scientific research with a discussion of psychology and attachment theory, and argues for commonalities of experience shared by many—if not all—living creatures.

Brooks Pribac is an independent researcher in the area of animal studies, with a particular interest in cross species grief as well as spirituality as a bodily-focused, non-denominational engagement. She lives in the rural Blue Mountains region of New South Wales, Australia.

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