Derya Little

Jan 24, 2023

Faithful Frontiers

A Turkish Scholar Describes How She Became a Catholic Apologist

New Books Network 2023

Derya Little has been a Muslim, an atheist, and a Protestant; today she is a Catholic writer and apologist. She tells the story of her conversion, talks about faith, family, Islam, history, the role of women in our Church. Since she and I are both fans of Star Trek and some other science fiction narratives, we riff about these as well (through a lens tinted by Dostoyevsky’s ‘Grand Inquisitor’).

Derya Little is the author of From Islam to Christ (2017), At His Feet: Drawing Closer to Christ with the Women of the New Testament (2021)​, and A Beginner’s Guide to the Traditional Latin Mass (2019), and two books for young adults, Two Fallen Worlds, Lost, and Two Fallen Worlds, Found.

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