Stephanie Decker et al., "Handbook of Historical Methods for Management" (Edward Elgar, 2023)


In this episode I met with the editors of the Elgar Publishing Handbook of Historical Methods for Management (Edward Elgar, 2023) Stephanie Decker, Professor of Strategy, University of Birmingham Business School, in the UK, and Professor of African Business History, University of Gothenburg in Sweden, William M. Foster, Professor of Management at the University of Alberta in Canada, and Elena Giovannoni, Professor of Accounting at the Royal Holloway University in London, and the University of Siena in Italy.

The Handbook of Historical Methods for Management is invaluable for researchers seeking to expand their  methodological toolkit. Not only does it showcase a variety of interdisciplinary approaches to the study of management, the Handbook also provides both practical guidance and conceptual insights that present an inclusive overview of historical techniques for management. Authored by leading experts in the field, this timely Handbook provides practical examples that explain the different processes involved in historical methods of enquiry. It introduces a wide variety of topics  such as archival research, organizational memory, materiality, and ANTi-history, offering insights into the complexity of this broad field.

Ultimately, the chapters revitalise historical methods in management and organizational studies through careful, interdisciplinary methodological guidance. This comprehensive Handbook is essential for business, economics and management scholars seeking to clarify their studies. It will additionally be valuable for those in management positions striving to learn more about historical perspectives used to study the field.

Episode hosted by Paula de la Cruz-Fernández, host of the Economic and Business History Channel and editor of the New Books Network en español.

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Paula De La Cruz-Fernandez is a consultant, historian, and digital editor. Editor New Books Network en español. Edita CEO.


Paula De La Cruz-Fernandez es consultora, historiadora y editora bilingüe. Editora de New Books Network en español. Fundadora y editora, Edita.

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