John Measey, "How to Write a PhD in Biological Sciences: A Guide for the Uninitiated" (CRC Press, 2021)


Listen to this interview of John Measey, Associate Professor of Biological Sciences at Stellenbosch University, South Africa, and author of How to Write a PhD in Biological Sciences: A Guide for the Uninitiated (CRC Press, 2021). We talk about how the communication of science is changing, and we talk about how you can keep up and produce the research you want to produce.

John Measey : "We're in an extremely interesting time, because the potential that we have to not just publish what we've written — which is where we used to be with scholarly journals, which just had the articles and the predigested data (if you like) in the tables and figures — but now we're at a moment where we can actually put all the data out there, and we can also put out there all of the code that we wrote so that people can repeat the analysis. And really, the writing that we're doing is to communicate one team's particular understanding of the questions they've posed and of their particular interest in certain parts of the dataset. The writing is now a means of not just communicating the particular questions that we have there, but also of producing and of advertising the dataset for other people to use. So, I think we're starting to enter this very dynamic period in publishing where the actual article will be one of our many products in any study that we do."

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