Ingrid Carlberg, "Raoul Wallenberg: The Biography" (MacLehose Press, 2016)


What makes a person? What makes an act heroic? And what determines a person's fate? These are the questions driving the narrative in Ingrid Carlberg's new book, Raoul Wallenberg: The Biography (MacLehose Press, 2016). A diplomatic envoy in Hungary, Wallenberg has been lauded throughout the world for his efforts to save Jews living during World War II. But, his fate following his arrest in 1945 remains unknown and, as a result, his story has no clear end. In her excellent biography, Carlberg excavates the details of Wallenberg's end, but she also digs deeply into the story of his life- shedding light upon a time that is often eclipsed by all that came after. It's a time which is essential to any understanding of the man Wallenberg was,the course he pursued, and the hero he's remembered as.

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