Contextualizing the Iranian Protests: The Role of Women in Leading the Change


Western sanctions have slowed Iran's economy, causing protests against the absence of freedom and opportunities -- teachers their lack of pay; farmers their lack of water; retirees their fear of economic insecurity. But at the heart of this powerful new movement has been Iran's women, whose frustration with Iran’s misogynist theocracy had been mounting for four decades.

This week on International Horizons, RBI Research Associate Ellen Chesler is joined by Mahnaz Afkhami, former Minister of Women's Affairs in Iran, and Kelly Shannon, Associate Professor of History at Florida Atlantic University, to discuss the rise of the women's movement in Iran. The interviewees describe how the different interpretations of the Quran have influenced politics and the role women play in Muslim societies, the prospects of the protests in Iran, and the importance of collective action in bringing about change.

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