Andrea Mammone

Sep 27, 2022

Is Italy Going Fascist Again?

What to Expect from Meloni with Andrea Mammone

New Books Network 2022

Italy has just held an election in which it appears that a far-right candidate from a post Fascist Party has won, and his leader will become the next prime minister of the country. What's happening in Italy? What does this election tell us about wider developments in Europe today?

In this episode of International Horizons, Andrea Mammone from Sapienza University of Rome explains the linkages of Giorgia Meloni's party, Brothers of Italy with Fascism and the dynamics of 2022 elections, marked by a generational shift from Berlusconi's leadership. Moreover, Mammone discusses how the victory for the far-right reflects the failure of the Center and Center-Left to consolidate durable coalitions, and the paradox that a more forward-thinking left has not been able to present a woman for elections. Finally, the author discusses the implications of this election for Europe, how the EU has legitimized with their speeches the extreme-right movements in Europe and the challenges that Meloni will face in the economic realm where immigrants can no longer be used as a scapegoat for the problems of Italy.

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