Are We Entering a "Neo-Medieval" Era?: A Conversation with Greg Lewicki


Our world is being marked by a transition of epochs towards a more “Neo-Medieval” era. What is even meant by “Neo-Medieval”? Greg Lewicki argues that “Neo-Medieval” is characterized by seven megatrends that are shaping our world in this direction which will be the subject of discussion in this episode. Of course, by invoking the term medieval, this has nothing to do with the stereotype of the so-called “Dark Ages” that dominates popular imagination.

Greg Lewicki is a foresight and communications consultant as well as a philosopher. A graduate of the London School of Economics with a focus on game theory as well as Maastricht University with a focus on the future of science. He is currently a non-residential fellow at the Polish Economic Institute (Warsaw) and research fellow at the War Studies University (Warsaw).

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Stephen Satkiewicz

Stephen Satkiewicz is an independent scholar whose research areas are related to Civilizational Sciences, Social Complexity, Big History, Historical Sociology, military history, War studies, International Relations, Geopolitics, as well as Russian and East European history.

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