Izabela Wagner

Feb 27, 2023

Bauman, Virtuosos, Liquid Love and the Refugee Crisis in Eastern Europe

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In this episode of International Horizons, we are joined by Izabela Wagner of the Institute of Sociology at the Collegium Civitas in Warsaw and Fellow at The French Collaborative Institute on Migration in Paris. She discusses the sociological factors behind the success of virtuoso musicians and on the social pre-conditions of professional excellence. Wagner also delves into the life of Zygmunt Bauman, his works, and how to understand his innovative theories such as the notion of a newly "liquid" world that followed the solidity of twentieth-century society. Finally, Wagner discusses her reasons for using biographical approach to social life and the latest developments in the refugee crisis in Poland, in which the government has selectively supported Ukrainians while neglecting to help people from other nationalities now awaiting admission on the border with Belarus.

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