J. Mark Souther, "Believing in Cleveland: Managing Decline in 'The Best Location in the Nation'" (Temple UP, 2017)


Like many cities, Cleveland has gone through periods of decline and renewal, yet the process there has followed a process where these periods were not always obvious and often failed because of a lack of cohesiveness among civic leaders, both public and private. In his new book Believing in Cleveland: Managing Decline in 'The Best Location in the Nation' (Temple University Press, 2017), J. Mark Souther, a professor of history at Cleveland State University, reviews the city's attempts to revitalize from post-World War II into the 1970s. He shows that many of the plans developed had issues that almost doomed them to failure before they were even completed. Mark's book is a great study of a Rust Belt city and its attempts to believe in itself.

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Joel Tscherne is an Adjunct History Professor at Southern New Hampshire University and an Associate Faculty member at University of Arizona Global Campus. His Twitter handle is @JoelTscherne.
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