Jacob Mundy

Sep 7, 2020


Polity 2018

Jacob Mundy is associate professor of PCON at Colgate University He’s written a great book titled Libya, published in 2018 in Polity Presses' "Hot Spots in Global Politics" series. Jacob’s book is part-history, part-political science to guide readers through the intricate maze of foreign and Libyan actors and institutions that define modern day Libya.

Mundy’s book is an accessible account of the complex political, security, and humanitarian crises that have engulfed Libya – Africa’s largest oil-exporting country – since the Arab Spring of 2011. His analysis centers on the roots of the anti-Gaddafi revolution. Mundy identifies new centers of power that coalesced in the wake of the collapse of the Gaddafi regime. The more these rival coalitions vied for political authority and control over Libya’s vast oil wealth, the more they reached out to external actors who were playing their own “great game” in Libya and across the region. In the face of such a multifaceted crisis, Libya’s conflict-free future is uncertain as the international community seems unable to bring peace to this divided and conflict-ridden nation.

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