Laura Sjoberg, "Gender, War, and Conflict" (Polity, 2014)


How does gender make war, and how does war make gender? In Gender, War, and Conflict (Polity Press, 2014), Laura Sjoberg (University of Florida) analyzes war and conflict through a gendered lens, arguing for the need for "gender mainstreaming" in the study of war. Paying attention to women, femininities, men, masculinities, and queerness, the book challenges the invisibility of gender in most analyses of war of conflict, even as gender plays a pivotal role in the function of war economies, in motivating people to fight wars, in conflict sexual violence, in interstate relations, and much more. Ultimately, Sjoberg makes the claim that the gendered structures of international politics make war possible, a dynamic we will miss unless we interrogate the ways that war and conflict are caused, justified fought, experienced, and felt from a feminist perspective.

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