Michael Mascarenhas

Nov 23, 2020

Lessons in Environmental Justice

From Civil Rights to Black Lives Matter and Idle No More

Sage 2020

Michael Mascarenhas's book Lessons in Environmental Justice: From Civil Rights to Black Lives Matter and Idle No More (Sage, 2020) provides an entry point to the field by bringing together the works of individuals who are creating a new and vibrant wave of environmental justice scholarship. methodology, and activism. The 18 essays in this collection explore a wide range of controversies and debates, from the U.S. and other societies. An important theme throughout the book is how vulnerable and marginalized populations—the incarcerated, undocumented workers, rural populations, racial and ethnic minorities—bear a disproportionate share of environmental risks. Each reading concludes with a suggested assignment that helps student explore the topic independently and deepen their understanding of the issues raised.

Stentor Danielson is an Associate Professor in the Department of Geography, Geology, and the Environment at Slippery Rock University

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