Melvin Burgess, "Loki: A Novel" (Pegasus Books, 2023)


In his new novel Loki (Pegasus Books, 2023), Melvin Burgess follows the antics of Norse mythology’s trickster god as he takes the reader on a wild ride through legendary stories about the founders of Asgard. Born from a fire inside the hollow of a tree trunk, Loki arrives in Asgard as an outsider. Despite his cleverness and wit (or, perhaps, because of them), Loki struggles to find his place among the old patriarchal gods of supernatural power. Loki is an amusing and relatable contemporary retelling of a classic Norse legend.

Melvin Burgess is an award-winning writer of children’s and YA fiction.

Latoya Johnson is an editor, writer, and bibliophile with a master's in Humanities. Her research and writing interests include books and reading in popular culture, the public history of women's fiction, and women in Greco-Roman mythology.

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Latoya Johnson is an interdisciplinary scholar with a master's in Humanities. Her research and writing delve into various aspects of popular culture.
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