Lorena Turner, "The Michael Jacksons" (Little Moth Press, 2014)


During his lifetime, Michael Jackson became a global icon. Michael Jackson was beloved by millions; his journey began as he became a boy star with The Jackson Five and it culminated with his being crowned the King of Pop, While some of the controversy of his later years along diminished his popularity, Jackson's status as an icon of American music has never wavered. When he died, there was a tremendous outpouring of affection. In the new book, The Michael Jacksons (Little Moth Press, 2014) explores the world of Michael Jackson representers, especially since Jackson's passing. A photographer and a cultural critic, Turner photographs and examines these Michael Jackson representers and tribute artists to help us better understand Michael Jackson and the world of impersonators. The book offers a fascinating look of an oft-neglected aspect of popular music and popular culture. Lorena Turner teaches in the Communications Department at California State Polytechnical University in Pomona. Turner is a former freelance photojournalist. Her projects have been exhibited nationally and internationally, including the Indianapolis Museum of Contemporary Art, and Mercy Corps Global Headquarters in Portland, Oregon. More information about her book can be found at here.

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