Michael Hinds and Jonathan Silverman

Sep 2, 2020

Johnny Cash International

How and Why Fans Love the Man in Black

University of Iowa Press 2020

In Johnny Cash International: How and Why Fans Love the Man in Black (University of Iowa Press, 2020), Michael Hinds and Jonathan Silverman examine transnational and translocal fandoms and the legacy of Johnny Cash beyond the United States. Hinds and Silverman explore Cash fandom through YouTube comments, fan pilgrimages to the American South, and other unique relationships to the Man in Black. Hinds and Silverman use ethnography, documentary, and fieldwork and discover the ways Cash transcends race, class, geography, and politics. Cash’s identity as an American performer finds a way to inspire fans worldwide. Starting with their experiences with Cash fans in Norway and Northern Ireland, Hinds and Silverman expand their exploration into the legacy of Johnny Cash to show the ways fans use modern technology and real-world fan communities to create global fan sites and cultures. Hinds and Silverman’s Johnny Cash International is a unique and thoughtful book into why fans love the Man in Black.

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