Mahon Murphy

Feb 14, 2018

Colonial Captivity during the First World War

Internment and the Fall of the German Empire, 1914-1919

Cambridge University Press 2017

purchase at The First World War was not limited the trenches on the Western Front. Nor was the system of internment camps it spawned. In his new book, Colonial Captivity during the First World War: Internment and the Fall of the German Empire, 1914-1919 (Cambridge University Press, 2017), Mahon Murphy looks at the experiences of German colonial settlers interned by the Entente Powers, particularly the British, during World War I. Challenging Europe-centric interpretations of the conflict and internment, Murphy uses a wide range of sources, illustrating both the global integrated camp network, and how experiences of internment varied according to social class, gender and race. He also explores the effects of internment on Germans' national identity, and how their experiences of post-colonial, Weimar Germany led many to believe that true Germanness was only to be found in the colonies. A must read for anyone interested in the global dimensions of internment and First World War. Anyone in London on 19 March is cordially invited to attend the launch of the book at the London School of Economics. Speakers include William Mulligan and David Stevenson. Information available here.
Darren O'Byrne is a PhD student in History at Cambridge University, where he is researching the Ministerial Bureaucracy's role under National Socialism. He can be contacted at or on twitter at @darrenobyrne1.

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