Making Sense of the 2023 Spanish Election: A Discussion with Patricia Correa


What were the key factors shaping the 2023 Spanish general election? How did the progressive government of Pedro Sánchez defy expectations and secure enough votes that may allow it to continue in power? And how did mainstream parties engage with challenger parties such as the far-right Vox? Join Manoel Gehrke and Patricia Correa in this episode of the People, Power, Politics podcast to learn more about the strategies of political parties across the spectrum, the 2023 elections, and the dynamics of political activism and female representation.

Patricia Correa is a Senior Lecturer in Politics and International Relations at Aston University.

Manoel Gehrke is a Research Fellow at the University of Birmingham's Centre for Elections, Democracy, Accountability & Representation (CEDAR).

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Manoel Gehrke

Political Scientist at the University of Birmingham. His work focuses on democratic accountability and corruption, with a regional focus on Latin America.
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