Maria Montoya, et. al, eds. "Global Americans: A History of the United States" (Wadsworth Publishing, 2017)


America's national experience and collective history have always been subject to transnational forces and affected by global events and conditions. In recognition of this reality, the textbook Global Americans: A History of the United States (Cengage, 2017) presents a history of North America and then the United States in which world events and processes are central rather than colorful sidelights. In doing so, the text reflects the diverse experiences of the students it speaks to, as well as their families. Readers will be immersed in an accessible and inclusive American history in which a variety of social, cultural, economic, and geographic dynamics play key roles. The authors want you to see yourselves in the narrative, primary source documents, images, and other media they have assembled. Global Americans reveals the long history of global events that have shaped -- and been shaped by -- the peoples who have come to constitute the United States.

In this podcast Maria Montoya discusses the story behind the creation and necessity of this textbook, what it hopes to accomplish in classrooms, and the opportunities and challenges of collaborative writing.

Maria E. Montoya earned her Ph.D. from Yale University in 1993 and her BA from Yale in 1986. She is an Associate Professor of History New York University, as well as the Dean of Arts and Science at New York University, Shanghai. She is the author of numerous articles as well as the book Translating Property: The Maxwell Land Grant and the Conflict over Land in the American West, 1840-1900. She has also worked on the AP U.S. History Development Committee and consulted to the College Board.

Lori A. Flores is Associate Professor of History at Stony Brook University (SUNY) and the author of Grounds for Dreaming: Mexican Americans, Mexican Immigrants, and the California Farmworker Movement (Yale, 2016). She is based in Brooklyn.

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