Maryam Ziaee

Mar 9, 2022

Big Data Analytics Adoption in Pharmaceutical Advanced Manufacturing

New Books Network 2022

Dr. Maryam Ziaee is a University Lecturer at Victoria University in Australia teaching and researching Operations and Supply Chain Management. Dr. Ziaee has developed a cutting-edge model for big data analytics adoption in Australia’s pharmaceutical manufacturers that has garnered more attention in the light of the COVID-19 pandemic which has thrown the global supply chain into disarray. Manufacturing organisations around the globe are transitioning to big data analytics models to ramp up production and minimise manufacturing disruptions and uncertainties which can sometimes have adverse bearings on our social fabric. The shortage of critical goods and medicines in the last two years has shown how vital the role is the new oil in the current global market, but understanding and using data still remains a challenge. This is particularly more important when people’s lives and health are at stake. Dr. Ziaee’s research project provides a model that can be applied globally in manufacturing industries to improve their demand forecasting models and develop smart and data-driven decision-making.

Dr. Maryam Ziaee is a lecturer at Victoria University. Her research interests and interdisciplinary expertise are artificial intelligence adoption and implementation in the advanced manufacturing industry, optimisation of manufacturing performance, improving supply chain processes and resilience, implementation of quality management in manufacturing practices and products, sustainable engineering systems, and lean & agile manufacturing.

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