Mark Henick

May 4, 2022

Mental Health in Academia 6

Beyond Ideas of Illness: Mental, Physical, and Social Determinants of Wellbeing

New Books Network 2022

We are delighted to present All for One and One for All: Public Seminar Series on Mental Health in Academia and Society. All for One and One for All talks will shine the light on and discuss mental health issues in academia across all levels – from students to faculty, as well as in wider society. Seminars are held online once per month on Wednesdays at 5pm CET/ 11am EST and free for all to attend. Speakers include academics, organisations, and health professionals whose work focuses on mental health. Live Q and A sessions will be held after each talk.

For live webinar schedule please visit Lashuel lab website. Follow us on Twitter: @LashuelLab

Today’s talk is with Mark Henick, Dr. Hilal Lashuel and Galina Limorenko

Join bestselling author and internationally recognized mental health advocate Mark Henick in a conversation on wellbeing across the lifespan. We will explore a broader understanding of mental health, including aspects of how the brain, the mind, and the social environment contribute to building a secure and healthy foundation. Practical strategies and takeaways for managing difficult emotions, and enriching positive experiences will be shared. Mark evocatively uses his personal lived experiences, as well as his years of professional advocacy, to provide clear, simple understanding in a context of supportive, curious inquiry where questions and discussion are welcome.

MARK HENICK’s hit viral TEDx talk about the stranger who saved his life has been viewed and shared millions of times. Over the last two decades, he has appeared in hundreds of television, radio, print and online features about mental health. His bylines include CNN, CNBC, USA Today, The Chicago Tribune, and many others. PEOPLE Magazine called Mark “one of Canada’s most prominent mental health advocates”. He's previously served on the board of the Mental Health Commission of Canada, and as the youngest ever president of a Canadian Mental Health Association division. As host and executive producer for both the So-Called Normal and Living Well podcasts, he's had hundreds of conversations with experts, celebrities, and public figures about mental health.

Today’s conversation features sensitive topics we engage with and explore.

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