Modern Romance


When looking for love, we don’t attract what we want--we attract what we are. That’s one of the many ideas dramatized in Modern Romance (1991), our third Albert Brooks film and another fanatic favorite. The story of a film editor who can’t fix the rough cut of his own life, Modern Romance uses “the Albert Brooks character” to look at how we all put on different performances to fool other people and ourselves. We also talk about the difference between “the Albert Brooks character” and “the Larry David character” and why the films of Albert Brooks push the envelope in a way that Curb only gestures at doing. So buy those sneakers from Super Dave and listen to this as you take that first lap—although, as the film shows us, you can’t outrun social rejection.

If you’re a fan of Albert Brooks, check out this terrific collection of interviews. You can also hear Dan interview the collection’s editor on the New Books Network.

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